What I Do

Web Design

I design strategic websites for artists, startups, corporations and other businesses/individuals.

Content Creation

I create engaging content for blogs, websites, social media, emails and more.

Graphic Design

I offer graphic design services to everyone. No matter what it is, I'm confident I can design it.


I can consult your brand and help you create an amazing brand/marketing strategy.

The Who

My name is Akash Sharma, I’m the CEO & Founder of Sharmatic, a digital design agency that focuses on branding and marketing for startups, small businesses, corporations, artists, public figures and more. I moved from London, England at the age of 14 and I now live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I’ve always been passionate about design and I’m glad that I can share my passion with my clients. I deal with a lot of clients who are business owners, musicians, make-up artists and more, so I know how to deal with different people in different industries.

The Why

The online industry is constantly changing day by day, and a lot of companies/brands are still not focusing on developing an online presence. They would much rather pay thousands of dollars to a magazine and get zero results, rather than paying a couple of hundred for sponsored Facebook and Instagram ads. Not because they don’t trust it, they just don’t understand the ROI. My goal is to help people understand the online world and develop a strategy that will help them thrive online.

Consultation Booking

Looking for someone to go over your brand or marketing strategy? No problem, simply book a consultation with me and I can go over it and point out what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. Whether you’re in construction, music, accounting, beauty, I’ll personally help you achieve your goals.

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