About Me

Akash Sharma

Akash Sharma is the CEO & Founder of SHARMATIC, a digital agency helping individuals and businesses develop a compelling brand and market them with up-to-date marketing strategies.

As a young child, Akash began his entrepreneurial career by designing websites and designing for fun, watching YouTube videos to teach himself to become a better designer and developer. At the age of 16-18, Akash started to freelance in web design and graphic design. Creating websites for Safety Training Businesses, Realtor’s, Accounting & Law Firms, Driving Schools, and Artists. Soon he went onto forming his own agency, carrying over his clients to his agency, Sharmatic. Growing from being a freelancer to having a team of people working alongside him.

Akash also runs his own record label titled Only The Highest, where he currently manages singer/songwriters, KAVI, VSN Black, MAJIN.